I park art day

Collaboration with "Miro et Moi"
"Miro et moi"s positive disruption gesture promoted the re-appropriation of daily routine and urban space and constituted an ephemeral invasion of a normally restricted area of the city streets: City parking spaces. This was achieved through the temporary occupation of a selected street parking space in the heart of the City. We reshaped the habit of car parking and function of city parking space into a day artistic guerrilla act and challenged urban sociology and economy. The required fee to use the space was paid and this lawful retrieval of public space and interruption of daily routine became the platform for the creation of a “mandala” (concentric diagrams wit h a spiritual and ritual significance) made of numerous disused covers of bottles, jars plastic containers etc. Through our detournement of everyday habit and public space into a creative gesture we intended to provoke members of the community and to shake local authority out of their logic of profit and non-sustainable practices.