Journey through my wardrobe

 Degree Show Exhibtion
City & Islington College
 LONDON 2008

"Journeys through my wardrobe". This choice of title illustrates the thematic of my project about the diverse emotions that I developed during specific periods of my life. The end of my parents' marriage brought immense changes into their life and as consequence, into my life. An other event in my life, my coming out "of the closet", gave shape to who I am today, as an adult. At the age of fourteen,  during a face to face conversation with my father I admitted my sexual orientation, which led him to reject me as his gay son. He then refused to talk to me for the following 3 years.  I decided to reflect on very personal  feelings in order to release those elements buried inside of me and in a therapeutic manner, address them . In my eyes Art constitutes not only a way of giving opinions about my direct surrounding but mainly allows me to express and share forgotten part of my life.

Mixed Media